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EV Road Tripping BC’s Land of Hidden Waters

BC’s best-kept freshwater secrets are now more accessible than ever for EV (electric vehicle) owners and renters. In the Land of Hidden Waters, lakeside cabins, lodges, and adventures on the water are just five hours or less from Vancouver. On the way, explore wineries, breweries, and farmers’ markets, while you charge up. In this guide, we’ll show you an ideal circle route that combines all these adventures and points of interest with charging and scenic drives! 

Before jumping into the route itinerary, let’s go over some tips and important considerations when it comes to road tripping in an EV:

  • Be sure to familiarize yourself with your car’s public charging requirements before departing. If you need to brush up on charging information, visit Chargehub’s Electric Vehicle Charging Guide
  • Many vehicles will select charging stations for you if you enter your final destination in the navigation system. If you are not using navigation, you can use tools like PlugShare to find charging stations. Pay attention to charging power, measured in kilowatts, to select the fastest stations that your vehicle can use. You can use stations more powerful than your vehicle’s maximum charging rate (also measured in kilowatts) but you will not get any extra benefit.
  • EVs charge best when their batteries are at optimal temperature, and many new vehicles can pre-condition their batteries to the best temperature while travelling to a fast-charging station. Select a fast-charging station in your vehicle’s navigation so that it knows to pre-condition the battery.
  • When using fast-charging stations, do not charge above 80% unless you absolutely must. As an EV’s battery fills up, it reduces the charging speed in order to prevent damage. You will save time and money by leaving once the battery is 70-80% charged. It is also poor etiquette to remain at a charging station while your vehicle is charging slowly if other drivers are waiting to use it. EV charging has great social opportunities to chat and compare EV experiences!
  • Some public charging stations can be activated with a credit card, while others require a smartphone app or tap card. Those at gas stations may use an app that you already have for collecting rewards points. Use charging station tools like PlugShare to find this information in advance.
  • PlugShare also has a trip-planning feature that allows you to find charge points along a given route. Just enter your origin and destination and the app will show you all the chargers along the way. You can even input your vehicle’s range to plan your route around your charging stops.
  • Be conservative in planning charging stops. Remember that air conditioning, hills, and cold weather can affect your range.
  • Plan charging stops around activities, overnight accommodations, or meal breaks. Don’t forget that RV parks/campsites are excellent sources of overnight electricity. 
  • Electric vehicles have big, powerful batteries to drive their motors, but they also have 12v car batteries, just like any other vehicle, to run the infotainment, lights, and other accessories. The large battery recharges the 12-volt battery, but if that 12-volt battery runs dead for any reason, the vehicle will not be able to start. Carry a battery booster in your emergency kit, just like you would in a gas car.
  • Learn more about charging stations and living the electric life in B.C. at New EV drivers can check out the Up to Speed guide for more tips.
  • Embrace the freedom from internal combustion. Enjoy the EV pace and low cost of travel. You never know what charming places you might stumble upon that you might have otherwise missed. 

Using an EV rental car:

  • A variety of electric vehicles are available through rental companies, car shares, and peer-to-peer rental platforms. Your charging station selection will be determined by whether the rental is a Tesla or another brand.
  • If the rental vehicle is a Tesla, prioritize Tesla Supercharger stations and check to see if they are available on your route. The Tesla account should already be enabled on the vehicle so you can simply plug into a Tesla station and begin charging. The car’s navigation will show nearby stations and provide a charging plan if a route is entered. Using any non-Tesla fast-charging station would require an adapter. A rental car is not likely to come with a fast-charging adapter. This is something to verify with the rental company before hitting the road.
  • Tesla vehicles can use an inexpensive adapter to charge at “level 2” or “j-plug” charging stations. These are lower-powered stations commonly found at hotels, malls, parks, parking garages and homes. Again, check with the rental company or owner to determine if an adapter is included. Learn more about plug types and charging stations here.
  • The rental company or vehicle owner might include an RFID card for activating public (non-Tesla) charging stations. If not, you should set up a BC Hydro EV account and keep the app on your smartphone. It can be used to activate many of the charging stations that do not use credit cards. You can check the details about activating stations along your route using PlugShare.
  • The rental company, vehicle owner, or even a previous user may have enabled a charging limit or charging schedule through the vehicle’s menu. Ask about this in advance and determine if you are allowed to change anything.

Circle Route: Highway 5, 24, 97, & 1 VIA Kamloops, Little Fort, Wells Gray Provincial Park, & the Cariboo

Total Distance: 450 km/280 mi

Recommended time: 2 nights at one or two lodges, a long weekend, or a week! 

Highlights: Kamloops wineries and breweries, Sun Peaks Resort, Wells Gray Provincial Park, fishing resorts, lakeside lodges, Historic Hat Creek Ranch, Sugar Shack, Green Lake Provincial Park, Echo Valley Ranch & Spa, Horsting’s Farmers Market, plus more!

Please note that you may be able to bypass certain stops depending on your range and preferences. You can also easily do this route in reverse. 

Charge Stop 1 – Kamloops

Kamloops Supercharger │ ZEROCAR
Kamloops Supercharger │ ZEROCAR


Best Western Plus Kamloops – 1 Tesla station & 1 J-1772 station

Riverside Park –  2 J-1772 stations

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Kamloops – 2 J-1772 stations (guests only)  

Hampton Inn by Hilton Kamloops – 1 Tesla station & 1 J-1772 station

Delta Hotels by Marriott Kamloops – 1 J-1772 station (guests only)  

Holiday Inn – 1 J-1772 station (guests only)

Wingate by Wyndham Kamloops – P1 Level – 2 Tesla stations & 2 J-1772 stations (guests only)

Kamloops Airport – Main Terminal –  2 J-1772 stations

Kamloops Courthouse – 7 J-1772 stations

Canadian Tire Kamloops South –  1 CHAdeMO station & 4 CCS/SAE stations

Kamloops Recreation –  1 CHAdeMO station & 1 CCS/SAE station

Aberdeen View Apartments  – 2 J-1772 stations

TRU Campus – Parking Lot C – 8 J-1772 stations

Thompson Rivers University – Parking Lot F – 4 J-1772 stations

TRU Campus – Sk’elep Trail – 2 Tesla stations & 1 J-1772 station

TRU Campus – Parking Lot WH – 2 Tesla stations & 1 J-1772 station

TRU Campus – Parking Lot H – 4 Tesla stations & 2 J-1772 stations

Petro Canada –  2 CHAdeMO stations & 2 CCS/SAE stations

Kamloops Regional Correctional Centre – 4 J-1772 stations    

Kamloops Kia – 1 J-1772 station  

Kamloops Supercharger – 6 Tesla (Fast) stations

Mercedes-Benz Kamloops – 2 J-1772 stations

Smith Chevrolet Cadillac Ltd – 1 J-1772 station  

Sun Life Financial – 1 Tesla station

On the Run Convenience Store – 3 CCS/SAE stations & 1 CHAdeMO 

Tk’Emlúps Petro-Canada – 8 Tesla stations 

Columbia Square Shopping Centre – 12 Tesla stations

Peavey Mart – 1 J-1772 station

Things to Do:

  • Grab your shoes or bike and explore 82 parks, and hundreds of trails, all within a 45-minute drive of downtown.
  • Pack up the fishing rod, paddleboard, kayak or canoe and visit one of 100+ lakes within an hour drive from the city. Need to rent? Take SUP lessons and rentals with Paddle Surfit on Heffley Lake or visit Bruker Marina on Kamloops Lake.
  • Plan a guided or self-guided tour at one of the four award-winning wineries.
  • Visit Kamloops’ cidery, distillery, five micro-breweries and multiple tap houses.
  • Book a round of golf at one of the exceptional Kamloops courses. 
  • Learn about wild animals native to BC at the BC Wildlife Park.
  • Take advantage of Kamloops’ incredible event schedule. Enjoy farmers’ markets, art events, and festivals such as Music in the Park—a free, nightly, family-friendly event—that returns to Riverside Park for July and August 2022.
  • Spend the day soaking up some sun, building some castles, skimboarding and tossing a frisbee at one of Kamloops’ sandy beaches
  • Learn more about these activities and others here.
Monte Creek Ranch Winery │ Andrew Penner/@tourismkamloops

Places to Stay:

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Kamloops (charging available)

Hampton Inn by Hilton Kamloops (charging available)

Wingate by Wyndham Kamloops (charging available)

Best Western Plus Kamloops (charging available)

Holiday Inn Kamloops (charging available)

Delta Hotels by Marriott Kamloops (charging available) 

More Kamloops Accommodations 

Overlanders Park │ Dylan Sherrard/@tourismkamloops

Charge Stop 2 – 50 km/31 mi – Yellowhead Hwy 5


Fish Trap Rest Area – 1 J-1772 station, 2 CCS/SAE stations, & 2 CHAdeMO stations

Things to Do:

  • If you’re travelling to this charging station via Westsyde Road, be sure to stop at the fabulous Privato Winery & Vineyard and Woodward Cider Co.
  • From there, experience the 2-car, cable-operated McLure Reaction Ferry that takes you right across the picturesque North Thompson River back over to Hwy 5.
  • If you decide to travel here only via Hwy 5, make a detour (approx. 35km/22mi) to visit Sun Peaks Resort – one of the most popular destinations around for skiing, hiking, mountain biking, and golfing. Here, you’ll find an abundance of epic mountainside accommodations. There is also a J-1772 charging station located at the Sun Peaks Skating Rink.
Sun Peaks Resort & Golf Course │ Nic Collar/@tourismkamloops

Places to Stay:

Sun Peaks Resort Accommodations

Rainbow Trout Resort

Knouff Lake Wilderness Resort

Pinegrove Campground & RV Park

Pinantan Lake Resort

Pinantan Lake Resort │ Jonny Bierman

Charge Stop 3 – 15 km/9 mi – Barriere


Fadear Park – 2 J-1772 stations

Things to Do:

Places to Stay: 

Monte Carlo Motel

Mountain Springs Motel & RV Park

The Rustic Resort (approx. 20km/12mi of gravel road) 

Rivermount Motel, Campground, & RV Park

Charge Stop 4 – 30 km/19 mi – Little Fort


Little Fort Rest Area – 1 J-1772 station, 2 CCS/SAE stations, & 2 CHAdeMO stations

Little Fort Rest Area │ ZEROCAR

Things to Do:

  • Once in Little Fort, High 5 Diner is a must-stop! Enjoy delicious meals (don’t forget the pie!), wholesome service, and a nostalgic 50s ambience.   
  • Anglers should definitely pay a visit to the Little Fort Fly & Tackle shop. 
  • Take a detour (approx. 55km/34mi) to visit Adams Lake Provincial Park. Please note that there are no charging stations along this detour.
  • If you’re looking to cross the North Thompson River, it’s here where you’ll be able to catch the 2-car Little Fort Reaction Ferry.
High 5 Diner │ ZEROCAR
High 5 Diner │ ZEROCAR

Places to Stay: 

Rivermount Motel, Campground, & RV Park

Little Fort Reaction Ferry │ ZEROCAR
Little Fort Reaction Ferry │ ZEROCAR

Charge Stop 4 – 30 km/19 mi – Clearwater


Best Western Plus – 1 J-1772 stations (guests only)

Clearwater Supercharger (coming soon)

Wire Cache Rest Area (1 J-1772 station, 2 CCS/SAE stations, & 2 CHAdeMO stations) is another 53km/33 mi northeast of Clearwater.

Things to Do:

  • Spend the afternoon swimming, paddling, or lounging at Dutch Lake.
  • From Clearwater, take the Clearwater Valley Road (approx. 46km/29mi) to the spectacular Helmcken Falls. Don’t forget about all of the other waterfalls you can stop at along the way though! Read The 10+ Best Waterfalls in Wells Gray & on the Way to learn more. 
  • For the most exceptional platters, smoked meat, and craft beers, pay a visit to the Hop n Hog Tap & Smokehouse.
Helmcken Falls │ Jonny Bierman

Places to Stay: 

Alpine Meadows Resort, Glamping, & RV Park

Wells Gray Resort & RV Park 

Cedar Haven Resort 

Dutch Lake Resort & RV Campground

The Heritage Cabin 

The Lake House 

Across the Creek Cabins

Moul Creek Lodge

Wells Gray Guest Ranch

Plus more.  

Dutch Lake Resort │ Jonny Bierman & Chris Wheeler

Charge Stop 5 – 30 km/19 mi – Back to Little Fort


Little Fort Rest Area  – 1 J-1772 station, 2 CCS/SAE stations, & 2 CHAdeMO stations

Charge Stop 6 – 107 km/66 mi – Fishing Hwy 24 & 100 Mile House


South Cariboo Visitor Centre  – 2 CCS/SAE stations & 2 CHAdeMO stations

On the Run Convenience Store (coming soon)

 South Cariboo Visitor Centre Charger │ ZEROCAR
South Cariboo Visitor Centre Charger │ ZEROCAR

Things to Do:

  • To reach this charging station, you’ll be travelling along the historic Highway 24 – also known as BC’s Fishing Highway. This road is well maintained and incredibly scenic. 
  • Along the route, there are tons of exceptional fishing resorts and lakeside lodges to book overnight accommodations at. Remember that many resorts offer RV campsites with overnight electricity. Be sure to ask when you book. 
  • This area is also known as the Interlakes region for its abundance of freshwater. Anglers, paddlers, and swimmers will adore the abundance of lakes to visit along the way. 
  • Once you’re in 100 Mile House, stop in at the South Cariboo Visitor Centre and see the world’s tallest pair of cross-country skis… all while your EV charges!
  • Have a stroll and pick up something locally made at The South Cariboo Farmer’s Market.
  • Foodies will love the South Cariboo Garlic Festival, held in late August.

Places to Stay: 

Cariboo Bonanza Resort 

Kayanara Resort

Ruth Lake Lodge & Resort

Loon Bay Resort

Sheridan Lake Resort

Piney Point Resort

Sheridan Lake Motel

Fawn Lake Resort 

Sulphurous Lake Resort


Beaver Guest Ranch

Moosehaven Resort & Campground (charging available for guests)

Hathaway Lake Resort

Eagle Island Resort

Lakeside Bed & Breakfast

Lac Des Roches Resort

Peaceful Cove Resort

Cottonwood Bay Resort

Little Black Bear Lodge B&B

Lucky Strike Resort

Wettstone Guest Ranch

Rainbow Spirit Retreat

Lac Des Roches Resort │ ZEROCAR
Lac Des Roches Resort │ ZEROCAR

Detour – approx. 36km/22 mi – Canim Lake

One of the larger lakes in the Cariboo, and popular for fishing, paddling, swimming, picnicking and water skiing, a detour to Canim Lake is a great way to beat the heat. Whether you visit the recreation site or stay at one of the lake’s many spectacular resorts such as Canim Lake Resort, South Point Resort, Reynolds Resort, or Rainbow Resort. Please note that there are no charging stations along this detour. 

Charge Stop 7 – 40 km/25 mi – 70 Mile House


70 Mile House – Canada Post – 2 CHAdeMO stations & 2 CCS/SAE stations

The Sugar Shack! – 1 Tesla station (customers only)

Things to Do:

  • Stop by the Sugar Shack for authentic poutine, smoked meat sandwich or to stock up on maple syrup for your journey ahead. You can even charge your Tesla while you eat!
  • Make a slight detour (approx. 20km/12mi) off the Highway to visit Green Lake Provincial Park – one of the most popular destinations in the South Cariboo for water sports. Here, you’ll find a plethora of unique accommodation options.
The Sugar Shack │ ZEROCAR
The Sugar Shack │ ZEROCAR

Places to Stay:

Flying U Ranch

Tall Timbers Resort 

Watch Lake Lodge

Detour – 36km/22 mi Meadow Lake Guest Ranch – 1 Tesla station & 1 wall plug (guests only)

Nestled on 700+ acres of land, stay at Meadow Lake Guest Ranch for a refreshing getaway in nature. Enjoy fishing, swimming, trail riding, and relaxing in one of the private guest homes… all while you charge your Tesla.  

Charge Stop 8 – 32 km/20 mi – Clinton


Village of Clinton Charging Station – 2 CHAdeMO stations & 2 CCS/SAE stations

Things to Do:

Places to Stay:

Tutti Gravel Inn (must-stay for gravel riding enthusiasts)

Cariboo Lodge

Detour – 66km/41 mi – Echo Valley Ranch & Spa Charging Station – 1 J-1772 station & 2 Tesla stations (guests only)

For those interested in an authentic and luxury guest ranch experience, a detour to Echo Valley Ranch & Spa is a must. With an award-winning Thai-influenced spa, exceptional riding opportunities, horsemanship classes, adventure activities, and wellness experiences, Echo Valley is an immersive and invigorating escape. Plus, they have on-site charging stations available for guests!

Echo Valley Ranch & Spa │ ZEROCAR
Echo Valley Ranch & Spa │ ZEROCAR

Charge Stop 9 – 40km/25 mi – Cache Creek


Cache Creek, Visitor Information Centre – 3 CCS, 3 CHAdeMO8 Tesla Superchargers.

Sage Hills Motel – 1 J-1772 station & 1 Tesla station  

Things to Do:

Horsting’s Farm Market │ Jordan Dyck

Places to Stay:  

Historic Hat Creek Ranch

Sunset Motel

Sage Hills Motel (charging available) 

Charge Stop 10 – 40km/25 mi – Tobiano


Tobiano Presentation/Sales Centre – 1 J-1772 station

Tobiano Golf Course looking over Kamloops Lake │ Patrick Koenig/@tourismkamloops

Things to Do:

  • Book a round of golf at the 2020 and 2021, “Canada’s Best Golf Course” winner, Tobiano Golf Resort.
  • Go paddling, boating, or lounging on the sand at Kamloops Lake.
  • Rent every type of water toy ranging from 2-person sea-doos all the way up to a 14-person double-decker fun ship at Bruker Marina.
  • Hike the Kamloops Lake View Point, Savona Caves, or Kamloops Balancing Rock & Hoodoos.
Relaxing at Bruker Marina │ Kathryn McLaren/@tourismkamloops

Places to Stay:  

Kamloops Accommodations 

In just another 33km/21 mi you’ll be back in Kamloops! 

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