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On the EdGe of WilderNess

Our waters all share a common trait of ending their journey in the Pacific Ocean, but no one body of water or flow of any form is ever the same. In a wild and undiscovered place like the Land of Hidden Waters, choosing which lake to spend the day might be the hardest decision of your stay. Find some of British Columbia’s best freshwater secrets out here, many of which you can have all to yourself. Find a lake for your respective adventure whether it’s in or on the water.

Portia Smith | Riverside Park, Kamloops


Kamloops is a destination of urban swimming and sandcastle building, boating and water sports, and jumping off the docks at provincial and regional parks.

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Lower North Thompson Valley

With boating, swimming, and fishing as the top things to do here, lakes are life in the Lower North Thompson Valley. Some of Canada’s longest summers extend the swimming season in this warm location.

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Allen Jones | Barriere Lower North Thompson Valley
Wells Gray Tourism | Wells Gray Provincial Park

WeLLs Gray

Provincial Park

A protected playground of some of the most scenic and swimmable lakes around are found here. Sandy beaches surrounded by the Cariboo Mountains and single or mutli-day water adventures await.

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Chilcotin Coast

This is a place where it’s very much possible to have a lake to yourself every day of your stay. The Fishing Highway 24 and much of the South Cariboo is dotted with lakes and lakeside resorts to complete a quintessentially Canadian mountain getaway.

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Chris Wheeler | Witch Lake, Cariboo Chilcotin Coast

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