Discover Kamloops Attractions: Your Perfect Weekend Itinerary

Welcome to Kamloops, a vibrant and picturesque city nestled in the heart of British Columbia. Known for its perfect blend of culture, adventure, and natural beauty, Kamloops is an ideal destination for a weekend getaway. Kamloops has everything if you want to explore art galleries, indulge in local cuisine, or connect with nature.

Day 1: Exploring the Great Outdoors

Morning: Outdoor Adventures at Kenna Cartwright Park

Start your morning at Kenna Cartwright Nature Park, the largest municipal park in British Columbia. The Tower Trail Lookout as well as theSunset Trail offer mesmerizing views of Kamloops and the Thompson Valley. With trails suitable for all levels, it’s a haven for hikers, bikers, and nature enthusiasts.

Afternoon: Wildlife Encounters at BC Wildlife Park

Continue your adventure at the BC Wildlife Park. Home to a diverse range of over 65 different local species, it’s perfect for family outings or a unique date with your partner. Kids will particularly enjoy the whimsical Wildlife Express Miniature Train rides, interactive birds of prey demonstrations, a hands-on petting farm, and educational feed talks.

Clover the Kermode 'Spirit' Bear at BC Wildlife Park by Mary Putnam
Clover the Kermode ‘Spirit’ Bear at BC Wildlife Park by Mary Putnam

Evening: Wine or Cider Tasting at Privato Vineyard & Winery

In the evening, explore Kamloops’ emerging wine scene. Visit Privato and Woodward Cider Co., an intimate winery and cidery on a picturesque Christmas tree farm. Sample their award-winning Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and enjoy the serene ambiance. If you visit in the spring or summertime, plan to visit during one of their amazing events such as the Sunday Sessions or comedy events. 

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Day 2: Cultural Exploration and Downtown Delights

Morning: Take it Easy

Start your day off right with a hearty breakfast from one of Kamloops tasty cafes, Hello Toast being a local favourite. On your way out grab your caffeine fix and head down to Riverside Park for a peaceful walk, with the Thompson River providing a serene backdrop. The park’s lush greenery and abundant birdlife create a tranquil atmosphere.

Riverside Park
Riverside Park/Ken Laven

Afternoon: Art and History

Visit the renowned Kamloops Art Gallery, a hub for contemporary and historic art with over 3,000 pieces. This cultural cornerstone provides an insightful look into both local and international art scenes. Later, if you’re still in the mood for local art, walk the back alley art gallery home to over 30 eclectic art murals. 

Evening: Culinary Delights at Noble Pig

Conclude your day at the Noble Pig Restaurant. This local favourite is famous for its craft beers and gourmet dishes like the truffle mushroom mac and cheese. It’s the perfect place to relax and savour the flavours of Kamloops. If the weather permits, dine on the restaurant’s patio, a charming space that has been creatively transformed from a former in-ground pool, offering a unique al fresco dining experience.

Noble Pig/Mary Putnam

Where to Stay in Kamloops?

Kamloops offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit every traveler. From luxury hotels to cozy bed and breakfasts, find the perfect place to relax and recharge during your weekend adventure to Kamloops.

Dining in Kamloops: A Culinary Adventure

Discover Kamloops’ culinary scene with its diverse array of dining options. From farm-to-table restaurants to international cuisine, the city offers a tantalizing variety of flavours to satisfy all palates. The city’s food scene also prides itself on accommodating various dietary preferences, offering many options for vegetarians, vegans, and those with gluten-free diets.

Kamloops Farmers' Market & Johann Vincent
Kamloops Farmers’ Market & Johann Vincent

Shopping in Kamloops: Local Treasures and Finds

The shopping in Kamloops is surprisingly amazing!. The city boasts a variety of local markets and boutique shops where visitors can find everything from unique souvenirs to artisanal crafts and local produce. These establishments and markets reflect the rich heritage and creativity of the region.

For a true Kamloops experience, explore shops selling authentic Canadian products like handcrafted jewelry, Indigenous art, and custom-made clothing. These items not only serve as perfect mementos but also help support the local artisans and small businesses.

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Kamloops’ Nightlife: A Vibrant Evening Scene

When the sun sets, Kamloops transforms into a vibrant hub of nightlife. The city offers various options for any mood, from cozy pubs providing a relaxed atmosphere to lively bars pulsating with energy. Kamloops hosts events for those seeking a cultural evening, including live music performances, local theater productions, and art exhibits.

The nightlife in Kamloops is not just about entertainment but also about experiencing the local culture and mingling with the friendly residents, making it a memorable part of any visit to the city.

Navigating Kamloops: Getting Around with Ease

Kamloops is known for its ease of navigation. The city’s layout is visitor-friendly, making it simple to explore by car, public transportation, or on foot. The public transport system is efficient and covers most areas of interest. At the same time, those who prefer driving will find ample parking and well-maintained roads.

Walking or cycling are excellent options for a more intimate experience of the city. Kamloops boasts several pedestrian-friendly zones and bike paths that offer a scenic view of the city’s natural beauty.

Weather and Best Time to Visit Kamloops

Kamloops has a semi-arid climate, resulting in mild winters and warm, sunny summers. This makes the city a year-round destination. However, the best time to visit largely depends on the activities you’re interested in.

Summer months are perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, paddling, and boating, while winter offers excellent conditions for skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and snowboarding. Spring and autumn are ideal for those who prefer slightly milder weather and fewer crowds.

Woman Hiking in Kamloops
Credit to Hike Kamloops

Travel Tips for a Perfect Weekend in Kamloops

Girl standing on a lookout and looking at the city of Kamloops on a colourful summer with sunrise in the background.

Remember these essential tips to make the most of your Kamloops weekend getaway:

  1. Check Weather and Seasonal Activities: Kamloops experiences a semi-arid climate with distinct seasons. Check the weather forecast before your trip and plan activities accordingly. Summer is great for outdoor activities but it can get very hot, while winter offers skiing and snowshoeing opportunities.
  1. Accommodation Reservations: Depending on the season, Kamloops can get quite busy with lots of incredible sporting events. It’s advisable to book your accommodations in advance, especially during peak seasons or when local events are happening.
  1. Local Transportation: If you’re not driving, familiarize yourself with public transportation options. Renting a car might be a good idea for easier access to outdoor activities and attractions outside the city.
  1. Pack Appropriately: Packing layers are recommended due to varied outdoor activities and changing weather. Include comfortable walking shoes, and if visiting in winter, warm clothing and gear for snow activities.
  1. Stay Hydrated and Sun-protected: Given the semi-arid climate, staying hydrated is essential. Carry a water bottle, especially when hiking or engaging in outdoor activities. Sunscreen is also necessary, even in winter.
  1. Be Wildlife Aware: Be aware of wildlife if you’re hiking or exploring nature parks. Carry bear spray in bear country and know how to use it. Always keep a safe distance from wildlife.
  1. Respect Local Regulations and Trails: Follow trail signs and respect park regulations to ensure your safety and the preservation of natural areas.
  1. Sustainable Practices: Be a responsible traveller by minimizing waste, recycling when possible, and respecting the natural and cultural environment. 
Couple wine-tasting in a romantic escape at Sagewood Winery
Sagewood Winery/Royce Sihlis 

Kamloops for Different Travelers

Kamloops is a versatile destination that caters to various types of travellers. Families will find plenty of kid-friendly activities and spaces. Couples seeking a romantic escape can enjoy intimate dinners, wine-tasting, scenic walks, and luxurious accommodations. Solo travellers and adventure seekers will find endless opportunities for exploration and adventure in the city’s natural landscapes.

Responsible Tourism in Kamloops

Responsible tourism is a cornerstone of the Kamloops travel experience. Visitors are encouraged to respect the local environment by minimizing their ecological footprint, such as reducing waste and conserving water. Supporting local businesses and communities is also essential to sustainable tourism, helping preserve Kamloops’ cultural and natural heritage. Making mindful choices during your stay enhances your travel experience and contributes positively to this beautiful city’s sustainability.

Get to Know Kamloops

Kamloops is a destination that skillfully combines urban charm with natural splendor. From its rich art and history to the captivating outdoor activities and culinary experiences, Kamloops is the perfect place for a weekend of exploration and relaxation. Whether you’re a culture buff, nature lover, or adventure seeker, this itinerary ensures a memorable and fulfilling weekend in Kamloops.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the top attractions to visit in Kamloops?

Kamloops boasts a variety of attractions, including the Kamloops Art Gallery, BC Wildlife Park, and Kenna Cartwright Nature Park. Don’t miss the historic Kamloops Museum & Archives and the culinary delights at Noble Pig Restaurant. For wine enthusiasts, Privato Vineyard & Winery is a must-visit.

Can you recommend outdoor activities in Kamloops?

Outdoor enthusiasts will love hiking at Kenna Cartwright Nature Park and wildlife viewing at BC Wildlife Park. Golfing at Tobiano Golf offers stunning lake views, and Paul Lake Provincial Park is perfect for picnics and nature walks.

Where should I dine in Kamloops for a local experience?

Head to the Noble Pig Restaurant for a taste of local Kamloops cuisine. It’s renowned for its craft beers and gourmet dishes, such as truffle mushroom mac and cheese.

Are there any family-friendly activities in Kamloops?

Kamloops is great for families! The BC Wildlife Park is ideal for animal lovers. Paul Lake Provincial Park provides a serene setting for family picnics and leisurely walks. For an inside option, The Fun Factor Fun Centre has amazing family experiences like laser tag, bowling, arcade games, and bumper cars.

What makes Kamloops a unique destination for a weekend getaway?

Kamloops’ unique urban culture and natural beauty blend makes it a standout destination. From exploring art galleries and historical museums to engaging in outdoor adventures and enjoying local wines, Kamloops offers a diverse and enriching weekend experience.

Featured Image: Peterson Creek Park/Mary Putnam

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