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Romantic Getaways in BC Guide

Romantic Getaways in BC

Embark on a romantic odyssey in the heart of British Columbia, where the fusion of stunning landscapes and diverse cultural experiences creates the ultimate lovers’ paradise. Read on as we delve into the most enchanting and secluded spots, ideal for couples seeking an unforgettable escape.

BC is a treasure trove of romantic destinations, with BC’s Land of Hidden Waters standing out as a top choice. Whether it’s the serene walks by the river, the exquisite local cuisine, or the stunning vistas, these stunning locations are a testament to BC’s ability to weave romance into everyday life. So, let’s embark on the love boat and uncover the most romantic getaways in BC.

romantic destinations on lake
Photo by Brody Jones/@tourismkamloops

Kamloops Romantic Getaways

 Kamloops, a captivating destination generally overlooked as a romantic escape, has quietly been maintaining a secret. It holds an unexpected trove of couple-oriented activities, making it an immensely underrated hub of romance waiting to unfold. Beyond its well-known rustic charm and picturesque landscapes, Kamloops offers an incredible variety of experiences that can rejuvenate every romantic relationship. The abundance of options, ranging from enchanting walks, gourmet dining and wine tasting, bustling farmers markets to immersive cultural activities, ensures that love stories here are not limited to soothing vistas alone. So, if you’re yearning for an unconventional romantic getaway, look no further than Kamloops. It is here, amidst these unexpected delights, that you’re destined to create beautiful memories with your loved one.

Kamloops Accommodation

For a truly intimate stay, couples can choose from a variety of accommodations in Kamloops that cater to a romantic experience. Those wanting to soak up the vibrant city life can opt for inner-city hotels, placing them within a stone’s throw of bustling farmers markets, the engaging self-guided mural tour, unique food and beverage joints, local shopping, Riverside Park, and spirited nightlife. For those seeking a more secluded retreat, the boutique lodges and cabins on the outskirts of Kamloops, nestled amidst nature, offer privacy and tranquility.

couples on Kamloops Accommodation
couples on pool in Kamloops
Mary Putnam

Romantic Activities in Kamloops

Kamloops is a hiker's paradise
Photo by Faizal Bukhari on Unsplash

Hiking: Kamloops is a hiker’s paradise with trails for all levels. Kamloops hiking trails are suitable for everyone, from easy paths with beautiful views to challenging hikes. The experience of hiking to the summit of a viewpoint at sunrise or sunset is particularly romantic, allowing couples to enjoy breathtaking views together. We especially recommend Kenna Cartwright’s Sunset Trail

Wine Tasting: The Thompson Valley around Kamloops is a haven for wine lovers, housing several wineries that offer a delightful experience for couples. You can explore wineries like Monte Creek Winery, Privato Winery & Vineyard (plus Woodward Cider Co.), and Sagewood Winery. Along with self-exploration, couples also have the exciting option to embark on a guided tour, allowing them to deepen their knowledge of wine whilst enjoying a carefree romantic setting. Each winery offers unique wines and beautiful settings, perfect for a romantic afternoon.

golfing activities for couples
Royce Sihlis/@tourismkamloops at Sagewood Winery

Golfing: For the golf-loving couples, Kamloops has the most golf courses per capita in Canada, offering unique landscapes and challenging courses. Couples can enjoy a round of golf at picturesque courses like Tobiano Golf, Bighorn Golf and Country Club, and The Dunes at Kamloops. These courses provide stunning views and an enjoyable gaming experience.

couples on Tabiano Golf Course
Mary Putnam / Tobiano Golf Course

Skiing & Snowboarding: For couples visiting in winter, downhill skiing at Sun Peaks Resort or Harper Mountain is a must-do. These resorts offer a range of slopes suitable for all skill levels, ensuring a fun and adventurous day out in the snow. For those who appreciate the serenity and rhythm of cross-country skiing or snowshoeing, a visit to the picturesque Stake Lake trails is highly recommended. Apart from being an enjoyable and affordable winter activity, these trails provide an intimate opportunity to connect and bond with your partner amidst the scenic snow-laden landscape. 

Dog Sledding & Snowshoeing at Sun Peaks Resort: Spark off an adventurous romance with dog sledding at Sun Peaks Resort, provided by Mountain Man Adventure Tours, and embrace the thrill of slicing through the snow-laden landscapes. Then, strap on a pair of snowshoes to embark on a range of guided snowshoeing tours—whether it’s a moonlit fondue experience or a wildlife tracking tour, each activity adds a unique charm to your romantic winter getaway. Finally, end your exhilarating day with the resort’s tranquil spa and wellness services—a blissful conclusion to your adventurous outing

Snowshoeing at Sun Peaks Resort

Mary Putnam

Wildlife Viewing at BC Wildlife Park: This park is a great place to observe and learn about local wildlife. It’s an ideal spot for couples who enjoy nature and wish to experience the region’s native fauna up close.

South Cariboo Romantic Getaways

South Cariboo, located a few hours north west of Kamloops, oozes romance. This region, known for its rolling hills, dense forests, and pristine lakes, provides a perfect backdrop for couples seeking a blend of romance, adventure, and tranquility.

South Cariboo Romantic Getaways for couples

Jonny Bierman at South Point Resort

South Cariboo Accommodation

South Cariboo accommodation options are plentiful and varie, suiting every couple’s taste and preference. Couples seeking luxury amidst nature can find it in the region’s resorts such as Echo Valley Ranch & Spa and Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort, which offer upscale amenities, spa services, and breathtaking views perfect for romantic evenings. For a touch of rustic charm blended with modern comfort, lodges provide a cozy, intimate setting nestled in serene landscapes. Those looking for an authentic experience can stay at ranches, complete with horseback riding and campfire nights. For privacy and seclusion, cabins by the lake are ideal, featuring private docks, canoes, and outdoor fire pits for starlit evenings. Some to check out are Peaceful Cove Resort, Canim Lake Resort, and Laughing Raven Resort. Lastly, the Bed and Breakfasts such as Little Black Bear B&B in South Cariboo are renowned for their personal touch and home-like ambiance, serving delicious homemade breakfasts and ensuring a stay that’s both comfortable and memorable.

Romantic Activities in South Cariboo

Canoeing or Kayaking on Tranquil Lakes: The numerous lakes in South Cariboo are perfect for a peaceful day on the water. Couples can rent a canoe or kayak in the Cariboo region and explore the serene waterways, perhaps finding a secluded spot for a picnic.

Horseback Riding: Exploring the scenic trails of the South Cariboo on horseback is a romantic and adventurous activity. The experience of riding through meadows and woodlands offers a special way to connect with the land and each other. 

Horseback Riding for couples
Destination BC/Blake Jorgenson at Echo Valley Ranch & Spa

Hiking and Nature Walks: The region’s numerous trails offer everything from leisurely walks to challenging hikes. Exploring the Cariboo’s trails leads to breathtaking vistas, hidden waterfalls, and the opportunity to witness the local wildlife in its natural habitat.

Stargazing: The clear night skies of the South Cariboo bedazzle visitors, offering a stargazing experience that’s second to none. Couples can look forward to capturing glimpses of shooting stars and constellations, an enchanting addition to their romantic escape. And if luck is on their side, they might even witness one of nature’s most awe-inspiring shows – the mesmerizing Northern Lights, making their getaway not just romantic, but truly unforgettable.

Ice-Skating: In the heart of the South Cariboo, winter paves the way for couples to enjoy a quintessentially Canadian pastime—ice skating. The frozen lakes provide an excellent natural skating rink, where couples can bond while partaking in this whimsical winter activity. Embrace the crisp air and winter’s magic as you skate side by side against the stunning backdrop of South Cariboo, creating memories that are sure to last a lifetime. Learn more about the best ice skating spots here.  

Ice-Skating in South Cariboo
Jonny Bierman at Sheridan Lake

Fishing: The serene natural environment of the South Cariboo presents couples with a delightful opportunity to enjoy fishing. In the warmer seasons, couples can cast their lines in the sparkling waters, cherishing the peaceful moments and thrill of the catch together. With the arrival of winter, the frozen lakes turn into a haven for ice fishing enthusiasts. This unique and exciting activity allows couples to connect through a shared adventure, enhancing their bond and creating lasting memories, regardless of the season. To ensure an unforgettable angling journey, couples can book guided fishing trips with Lone Butte Fishing Adventures

Romantic Getaway to the Lower North Thompson Valley

A romantic getaway in the Lower North Thompson Valley is a perfect escape for couples seeking tranquility and a connection with nature. This lesser-known gem offers a serene environment with a rich blend of outdoor activities.

Lower North Thompson Valley Accommodations

The Lower North Thompson Valley accommodations are varied to suit every couple’s preference. Budget-friendly motels, serene lakefront cabins with private docks, and nature-immersive camping grounds cater to diverse tastes. Additionally, guesthouses and B&Bs offer a cozy, homely atmosphere with personalized service and local cuisine for a truly memorable stay.

Romantic Activities in Lower North Thompson Valley 

Lower North Thompson Valley

Biking in the Lower North Thompson Valley

Hiking & Mountain Biking: The Valley offers numerous trails for hiking and mountain biking, suitable for all experience levels. Adrenaline-loving couples can explore the backcountry and ranch trails by bike, enjoying the Valley’s rugged mountains and scenic landscapes.

Water-Based Activities: Enjoy the thrill of whitewater rafting with Adams River Rafting, or embark on a more tranquil voyageur canoe trip. Snowmobiling & Skiing: In winter, the Valley turns into a snowy wonderland, offering exciting activities like cross-country skiing at Barriere Lake Ski Trails and alpine snowmobiling.

Golfing: The Valley is known for its diverse golf landscape, from shoreline to cliffside courses. Couples can enjoy a day of golfing at the Chinook Cove Golf Course; a 9 hole champion length golf course with scenic views and challenging holes.

Western Adventure & Rodeos: Experience cowboy-style adventures with horseback riding across scenic trails or ranch stays. The annual fall fair rodeo is a highlight, offering an exciting and authentic Western experience.

Wildlife Viewing & Birding: The Valley is rich in wildlife, providing opportunities for couples to observe animals in their natural habitat. Cranberry Marsh is particularly notable for bird watching.

Wildlife Viewing & Birding for couples romantic getaway
Photo by Shaylis Johnson on Unsplash

Romantic Getaway in Wells Gray & Clearwater

Perfect for the adventurous couple, Wells Gray & Clearwater are  romantic havens with stunning natural beauty and serene wilderness. There are so many things to do in Wells Gray and Clearwater, couples can bask in the tranquility of pristine lakes, cascading waterfalls, and lush forests, creating an idyllic backdrop for memorable moments. 

Wells Gray & Clearwater Accommodations

Wells Gray & Clearwater accommodations are plentiful and diverse, allowing couples to curate their dream romantic getaway setting. Luxurious lodges and resorts offer a perfect blend of comfort and scenic views, while cozy cabins provide a serene and intimate setting. For those seeking a more rustic experience, there are charming bed and breakfasts, and camping grounds that offer a close connection with nature. Additionally, well-appointed motels cater to those seeking convenience and budget-friendly options. Some of our favourite Wells Gray accommodations for a romantic escape include The Lake House, The Heritage Cabin, Cedar Haven Resort, and Clearwater Springs Ranch. 

Wells Gray & Clearwater Accommodations
Jonny Bierman at Cedar Haven Resort

Romantic Activities in Wells Gray & Clearwater 

Romantic Activities in Wells Gray & Clearwater 
Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Iconic Waterfalls: Wells Gray & Clearwater are renowned for their spectacular waterfalls, offering a mesmerizing experience for visitors. Helmcken Falls, one of Canada’s most famous waterfalls, cascades majestically over a 141-meter cliff, creating a stunning display of natural beauty. Dawson Falls, often referred to as “Little Niagara,” enchants with its wide, curtain-like flow over lava beds. Visiting these waterfalls would make for the perfect couple’s day out, exploring breathtaking views and perhaps taking a dip, making them must-visit attractions in the heart of BC’s wilderness. Learn more about self-guided waterfall viewing here or book a flightseeing tour to witness the snow-flushed peaks, ancient volcanoes, sub-alpine landscapes, secret lakes, caves, rivers, and extraordinary waterfalls from above.

extraordinary waterfalls romantic getaway for couples
Photo Credit: ‘Day 7: Wells Gray Provincial Park’ by heipei via CC BY-SA 4.0 DEED

Hiking: Wells Gray Provincial Park offers a range of hiking trails, from gentle walks to more challenging hikes, perfect for couples to experience the wilderness together. The region is also rich in wildlife, allowing couples to spot local animals in their natural habitat while out hiking. For backcountry hut-to-hut guided tours, check out Wells Gray Adventures. 

Horseback Riding: Experience the scenic beauty by horseback riding in Wells Gray & Clearwater, offering a unique and romantic way to explore the area.

Canoeing, Kayaking and Rafting: The area’s lakes and rivers offer great opportunities for canoeing, kayaking and rafting, perfect for adventurous couples seeking an adrenaline rush on the fast paced river.

Fall in Love All Over Again in BC

We hope this journey through the enchanting landscapes of BC inspires you to embark on your own tale of romance. From the serene shores of Wells Gray & Clearwater to the rustic charm of the Lower North Thompson Valley, every corner of BC fuels romance and adventure. Whether you’re toasting to love in a cozy Kamloops vineyard, stargazing in the South Cariboo, or sharing a sunset in the majestic settings of Wells Gray, these romantic getaways in BC will be unforgetable chapters in your love story. 

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